China Good quality Professional Manufacture Pto Shaft with Splines mini air compressor

China Good Quality Professional Manufacture PTO Shaft with Splines

High-Quality PTO Shaft with Splines for Agriculture Machinery

Product Description

Introducing the exceptional PTO Drive Shaft designed specifically for agriculture machinery! This product is a testament to superior engineering and manufacturing, aimed at enhancing your farming operations with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Drive Shaft/PTO Shaft with Splines
  • Material: High-Grade Carbon Steel
  • Available in various profiles: Triangular, Lemon, Star, and Splined Tubes
  • Equipped with a range of end yokes including quick release and plain bore yokes
  • Includes multiple safety devices and clutches like Free Wheel (RA), Ratchet Torque Limiter (SA), Shear Bolt Torque Limiter (SB), and Friction Torque Limiters (FF, FFS, FCS)
  • Heat-resistant and acid-resistant properties for long-term durability
  • Customizable to meet specific requirements

Why Choose Our PTO Shaft?

  1. Unbeatable Price: Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  2. Superior Quality: Constructed from high-grade carbon steel, our drive shafts ensure durability and resilience.
  3. Expert Support: Our team of technical engineers is available to assist you in finding the ideal drive shaft for your needs.
  4. OEM Services: Customization is available to meet unique specifications and requirements.
  5. Quick Delivery: With abundant stock and efficient delivery systems, your order will arrive promptly.

Customizable Options:

Whether you require a specific plastic guard, a particular connection method, distinct painting colors, or customized packaging, we are here to cater to your needs. Simply provide us with your drawings or pictures, and we will create a tailored solution for you.

How to Order:

Can’t find the exact product on our website? No worries! Send us an inquiry with your product pictures and drawings via email or any convenient method, and our team will assist you in fulfilling your requirements. Enhance your farming equipment with our top-quality PTO Drive Shaft for Agriculture Machinery today!

Explore Our Other Products

Apart from PTO shafts, we offer a diverse range of high-quality products for industrial use. Our product portfolio includes agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys and pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, bushings, and more. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional products at competitive prices, backed by meticulous service. Custom orders based on drawings and samples are welcomed.


1. What materials are used in the construction of your PTO shafts?

Our PTO shafts are made from high-grade carbon steel, ensuring superior strength and durability.

2. Can I customize the PTO shaft according to my specific requirements?

Yes, we offer OEM services to customize the PTO shaft according to your unique needs. Please provide us with your drawings or pictures for precise customization.

3. What types of profile tubes do you offer for PTO shafts?

We offer a variety of profile tubes including Triangular, Lemon, Star, and Splined Tubes to suit different requirements.

4. Do you provide any safety devices with your PTO shafts?

Yes, we provide a range of safety devices and clutches, such as Free Wheel (RA), Ratchet Torque Limiter (SA), Shear Bolt Torque Limiter (SB), and Friction Torque Limiters (FF, FFS, FCS).

5. How can I place an order if I cannot find the product on your website?

If you cannot find the product on our website, please send us an inquiry with the product pictures and drawings via email or any convenient method, and our team will assist you in placing an order.

PTO Spline Shaft

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Introduction to the Performance Characteristics of PTO Spline Shaft

The PTO spline shaft is an essential component in power transmission systems, offering robust performance across various industrial and agricultural applications. Its performance characteristics include:

1. **High Torque Transmission**: The design ensures efficient power transfer and can handle high levels of torque without deformation.
2. **Precision Engineering**: Manufactured with tight tolerances, ensuring smooth operation and minimal vibration.
3. **Durability**: Made from high-strength materials, providing long-lasting performance in demanding environments.
4. **Corrosion Resistance**: Often coated or made from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh conditions.
5. **Versatility**: Compatible with various types of machinery, making it a versatile choice for different applications.

Types and Characteristics of PTO Spline Shaft

PTO spline shafts come in various types, each designed to meet specific needs. Common types include:

1. **Straight Spline Shaft**: Known for its simplicity and ease of installation.
2. **Involute Spline Shaft**: Offers better load distribution and strength.
3. **Serrated Spline Shaft**: Provides superior grip and torque transmission.

Each type of PTO spline shaft offers unique characteristics:

– **Straight Spline Shaft**: Ideal for straightforward applications with moderate torque requirements.
– **Involute Spline Shaft**: Suitable for high-torque applications due to its enhanced strength.
– **Serrated Spline Shaft**: Best for applications requiring maximum grip and torque transmission.

Advantages of PTO Spline Shaft Made of Different Materials

The material composition of PTO spline shafts significantly impacts their performance and durability:

– **Steel PTO Spline Shaft**: Offers excellent strength and durability, ideal for heavy-duty applications.
– **Aluminum PTO Spline Shaft**: Lightweight and resistant to corrosion, suitable for applications where weight reduction is critical.
– **Stainless Steel PTO Spline Shaft**: Combines strength with high corrosion resistance, perfect for marine and outdoor use.
– **Composite PTO Spline Shaft**: Made from advanced materials, offering a balance of strength, weight, and corrosion resistance.

Application of PTO Spline Shaft in Various Fields

PTO spline shafts are indispensable in numerous sectors:

– **Agricultural Machinery**: Used in tractors and harvesters for efficient power transmission.
– **Construction Equipment**: Integral in machinery like excavators and cranes for reliable operation.
– **Industrial Equipment**: Essential in manufacturing and processing equipment for smooth power transfer.
– **Marine Equipment**: Utilized in boats and ships for robust performance in harsh marine environments.
– **Forestry Equipment**: Employed in logging and wood processing machinery for dependable power delivery.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities for PTO Spline Shaft Products

The PTO spline shaft market is poised for growth, driven by several trends:

– **Technological Advancements**: Innovations in materials and manufacturing processes are enhancing performance and durability.
– **Sustainability**: Increasing focus on eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce environmental impact.
– **Customization**: Growing demand for tailored solutions to meet specific application needs.
– **Global Expansion**: Expansion into emerging markets, offering new growth opportunities.

These trends present significant opportunities for innovation and market expansion, fostering a competitive and dynamic landscape.

How to Choose a Suitable PTO Spline Shaft

Selecting the right PTO spline shaft involves several considerations:

1. **Determine Application Requirements**: Understand the specific needs and conditions of your application.
2. **Evaluating Power Requirements**: Ensure the shaft can handle the required power and torque.
3. **Check Speed and Torque Specifications**: Match the shaft’s specifications with your machinery’s requirements.
4. **Measuring the Length of the Shaft**: Ensure the shaft length is appropriate for your setup.
5. **Evaluate Connection Type**: Choose the right connection type (e.g., splined, keyed) for your machinery.
6. **Check Safety Features**: Ensure the shaft includes necessary safety features to prevent accidents and equipment damage.


In summary, the PTO spline shaft is a critical component in various machinery, offering reliable power transmission and durability. Understanding its performance characteristics, types, material advantages, and applications can help in selecting the right shaft for your needs. Future trends and innovations promise further enhancements in this essential product, supporting a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications.

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